The Importance of Mindfulness and Relaxation For Your Mental Health

We’re finally beginning to return to normality, but a lot has happened these past couple of years and it’s not something most of us will soon forget.

And while we’re waving goodbye to a world of lockdowns, we’re also returning to the stresses of everyday life for the first time in a long time, as well as facing significant changes to the way we live.

However, focusing on the present moment while acknowledging one’s thoughts and feelings is a therapeutic technique known commonly as mindfulness, and this is a great way of putting everything into perspective.

Mindfulness and relaxation come hand-in-hand, as it helps to be in your most relaxed state when trying to let go of any negative thoughts and emotions.

When you allow yourself to switch off and just enjoy the moment, your mentality will be better for it as a result.

Something as simple as a 40-minute massage can physically relax your whole body, improving blood circulation and easing tension until, suddenly, things don’t seem quite so bad anymore. In fact, they seem positively wonderful.

Massage and Mental Health

Did you know, according to Compounding Pharmacy of America, massage therapy can provide up to a 50% reduction in the levels of the stress hormone cortisol?

And that at the same time it also increases the natural production of serotonin and dopamine, aka your “feel good” chemicals?

And because relaxation techniques also slow your heart rate, you’re able to concentrate better and deal with any stresses or worries in a calm and objective manner.

PURE Spa offers some wonderful massages and body treatments designed to do just this, and if you stay at The Lansbury, you’ll have access to this service and more without even stepping outside.

Beauty Treatments and Mental Health

Indulging in a relaxing massage can work wonders when it comes to refocusing your mind and body, but you might also want to take things a step further with a variety of cosmetic treatments to help boost your overall self-esteem.

Sometimes self-care is having a stern talk with yourself, but sometimes it’s simply treating yourself to a bit of luxury.

Booking in for a beauty treatment is another way of making sure you put yourself first. In that moment, it’s not about the rest of the world, but you as an individual and how you feel in yourself.

If you know you have nice nails and beautiful brows, your outlook should become that bit more positive, helping you to take that important step back to reflect in a healthy way. You’re here, you’re well, and you’re having a really good time.

What next?

So, you’ve managed to turn off your mind and relax for a few hours. Your body’s feeling great and you have a new lease of life.

All that’s left to top up your day of PURE pampering is a restful night in the warming embrace of a plush and comfortable bed – and as luck would have it, such a thing can be found right here at The Lansbury Hotel.

If you want to do something for yourself for a change, or treat a loved one to the kind of self-indulgent therapy they deserve, book a session at PURE Spa on 0343 507 1888.

To really make the most of your spa day with an overnight stay, book a room at The Lansbury on 0203 489 5050 or via this website.

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