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30 Jun

It’s Official – The Lansbury Hotel Is Good To Go

We know that the risk of infection is likely to be one of your main concerns when it comes to booking a stay at the Lansbury Heritage Hotel. It’s for this reason that we’ve introduced a full range of protective measures, giving our guests as much peace of mind as possible. And we’ve proven our health and safety commitment in being recognised as a Good to Go Hotel by Visit England. Read on to find out more about our continued commitments and Good to Go status.

What it Means to Be Good to Go

The Good to Go standard and consumer mark have been introduced to reassure customers that hospitality businesses adhere with Government and public health guidance. Successful application depended on us filling out a self-assessment and ensuring compliance with a Covid-19 checklist. We’ve also presented evidence of following the government guidance specific to social distancing and cleanliness. It’s with great pride that we present the “approved” visit England badge.

Our commitment to Covid-19 prevention includes:

  • Having introduced deep cleaning regimes between guests
  • Ensuring that meal services including breakfasts are pre-booked and timed; with shared facilities only being accessible to one family group at a time
  • Having one way systems, clear floor markings and a queue management systems in place to maintain social distancing measures and help to limit contact between both staff and visitors
  • Encouraging cashless payments throughout, to avoid cross contamination
  • Maintaining regular deep cleaning regimes.

Having registered with Visit England we will be alerted to any changes of risk-status, which may call for the change of health and safety policies. We will continue to maintain the highest of standards, knowing that there’s the prospect of random spot checks being carried out by the Visit England assessors. Such commitments are made as part of our drive to ensure the complete satisfaction of everybody who stays at the Lansbury Heritage Hotel.

We will continue to take the measures as part of our Covid-19 prevention policy:

  • Providing regularly maintained hand sanitising and washing facilities
  • Maintaining clear signage and social distancing protocols
  • Continuing to wear masks and gloves
  • Keeping to the highest hygiene standards
  • Delivering updated training on Covid-19 requirements.

We also expect our guests to take Covid-19 safety measures, including:

  • Following social distancing rules and hotel signage
  • Wearing masks when arriving at the hotel
  • Washing hands before sitting at dining tables.

Make your booking

We are delighted that the setting and maintenance of our risk-management programme has led to our recognition as a Good to Go Visit England Hotel. And we promise to maintain the highest health and safety standards over the coming months and years. If you want the assurance of a safe and relaxing stay then make a booking on the Lansbury Heritage Hotel website.

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